Tooth Bonding: How To Makeover Your Teeth While Keeping Them Intact

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You might draw the line at some of the more common ways to improve the look of your teeth—namely dental crowns and veneers. These options are permanent, since some of your tooth structure has to be removed before the restoration can be added, and you may not feel entirely comfortable with this. Why do some dental procedures call for the removal of some of the tooth's surface? And does this mean that your dentist can't do much to improve the look of your teeth?

30 May 2023

Are Your Teeth Sensitive? Check Your Toothpaste For Hydrated Silica

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If you have developed tooth sensitivity—especially to hot and cold foods, you'll want to reach out to your dentist for a firm diagnosis. There are numerous causes of tooth sensitivity, such as bruxism, worn fillings, over-bleaching, gum recession/gum disease, etc. If you don't have any serious underlying dental issues, you may want to look at your toothpaste ingredients for hydrated silica. Read on to learn more. What Is Hydrated Silica, and Why Is it Used in Dental Care?

23 March 2023