Common Mistakes That Can Lead To Denture Damage

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While even a high quality set of dentures isn't mean to last a lifetime without needing repair, there are some steps that you can take to prolong the life of your dentures and save money on repairs down the road. This includes cleaning and storing them properly in addition to seeing your dentist regularly. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes you could be making when caring for your dentures that could lead to premature (and expensive) damage.

9 January 2015

Why It Is So Important To Use The Right Toothbrush

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The most common mistake people make with brushing their teeth is using the wrong brush. Simply doing it several times a day does not necessarily mean that you're doing it in the best possible way to support oral health.  Indeed, many use an unsuitable toothbrush and this is one of the most frequent errors that dentists and orthodontists find. If you are to avoid all the problems that accompany bad oral health, you should consider these tips when you go shopping for a toothbrush.

16 December 2014