Food In Cavities: The Health Risks & What A Dentist Can Do About It

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Are you tired of having to pick food out of cavities each time that you eat? Food in cavities does not only cause bad breath, but it can lead to serious oral health problems. Learn about the dangers you are putting your health in by having cavities, as well as what a dentist can do to treat the problem.

What are the Health Risks Associated with Cavities?

The biggest health risk associated with cavities is exposure of the pulp chamber. There a multiple layers in each of your teeth including the enamel (top layer), dentin (middle layer) and the pulp chamber (lowest layer). The reason the pulp chamber is so important is due to the blood vessels in it. The nerves responsible for giving you pain when there is a problem requiring attention is also in the pulp chamber. When there is food in cavities, bacteria can destroy blood vessels and nerves.

You also risk getting periodontal disease from too much plaque building up in cavities. Periodontal disease is a dangerous form of gum disease that can lead to loose and missing teeth. The reason you can suffer tooth loss is due to the disease causing the jawbones supporting teeth to become weak. Bad breath is also hard to keep under control when you have periodontal disease with your cavities.

What Can a Dentist Do to Treat Cavities?

Treatment for cavities will depend on how deep they are and the condition of your oral health as a whole. For instance, deep cavities may mean that the pulp chamber has been damaged and may require that a root canal is performed. You may also need a root canal if an abscess is found. A root canal is a procedure in which the dentist will drill a hole in the infected teeth (if necessary), and removed dead blood vessels and nerves.

The cavities will also be filled with either silver amalgam, porcelain, gold or a resin that is the same color as your teeth. All of the fillings are effective for repaired teeth with cavities. You can expect to pay a minimum of $50 for filling up to two teeth with silver amalgam, as it is the most affordable of the fillings.

Get rid of those annoying cavities so you can enjoy meals with food getting trapped in them. It is important for you to make an appointment with a dentist so the cavities can be treated to keep your oral health out of danger!  (For more information, contact Appleway Dental Clinic)


12 March 2015

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