How Will A Dentist Treat An Abscessed Tooth?

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Do you have a pounding toothache and a fever? Chances are, you may have a dental abscess. This is basically an infection of the internal, sensitive tissues of your tooth. Most dental abscesses will not clear on their own, which means you really need to see the dentist. Here are the two key ways they might treat your abscess, depending on its location and severity. Root Canal and Crown In many cases, your dentist may opt to treat your abscess with a root canal procedure.

11 May 2022

4 Questions About Immediate Dentures

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Are you looking to get dentures to fix your smile and make it easier to eat? If so, your denturist will likely let you know that immediate dentures will be necessary while your gums are healing after the teeth extraction process. Here are some questions that you likely have about the immediate dentures. Will You Get Immediate Dentures The Same Day?  You will not be left without having any teeth after the extraction of your remaining teeth.

10 March 2022