4 Questions About Immediate Dentures

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Are you looking to get dentures to fix your smile and make it easier to eat? If so, your denturist will likely let you know that immediate dentures will be necessary while your gums are healing after the teeth extraction process. Here are some questions that you likely have about the immediate dentures.

Will You Get Immediate Dentures The Same Day? 

You will not be left without having any teeth after the extraction of your remaining teeth. Immediate dentures get their name because you do receive them immediately. They will be a way to get your teeth looking good again, even if they are not going to be the final dentures that you'll have. 

How Functional Are Immediate Dentures?

Your immediate dentures are going to have limited function while your gums are healing from the extraction procedure. It's not due to the dentures not working well, but because your gums have a long way to go to completely heal and be ready for your final dentures. 

Be aware that the immediate dentures may not fit as well as your final dentures, so keep your expectations realistic. That's because your gums and jaw bone are going to shrink after the procedure, which will cause the immediate dentures to move around more. You may be more prone to having sore spots along your gums as a result. 

How Can Immediate Dentures Be Made To Feel More Comfortable?

It's possible for your dentist to put in a new temporary soft liner on your dentures to help with the changing shape of your gums. This will help fill in the gaps between your gums and the dentures in the places, which will make them feel more comfortable. Reach out to your denturist about the relining process if you feel like it is necessary.

Keep in mind that your final dentures are going to be much more comfortable than your immediate dentures. Once the gums and jawbone heal and stabilize at the final size, you will be able to get final dentures that are not as bulky and fit much better.

Will You Be Able To Preview The Look Of Your Immediate Dentures? 

Immediate dentures are not typically something that you can preview before they are made, since the denturist is making them on the spot based on the existing teeth that remain and the size of your current gums. It is not until you receive the final dentures that you'll be able to preview them in wax form prior to them being created.


10 March 2022

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