Helping Your Child Through a Toothache

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If your child has a toothache then you want to take them in to the dentist as soon as you can get an appointment. However, you may not have immediate access to a dentist and this means you will have to help them with the pain until you can get them an appointment. The tips below will help you to control their pain until you are able to get them in.

3 November 2015

Can Your Denturist Treat Your Sleep Apnea?

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If your partner, kids or other loved ones complain about your snoring, you are not alone. It is currently estimated that up to 50% of people snore. Unfortunately, severe or chronic snoring is also indicative of a bigger problem and you may need a dental prosthesis to address the problem. If you snore frequently or loudly, it is crucial to speak with your physician to determine the underlying issue. What Is Sleep Apnea?

9 September 2015

3 Tips For Caring For Your Dentures

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Are you about to get dentures? Dentures can be an effective solution to replacing missing teeth. However, just because they're not your natural teeth doesn't mean you don't have to take care of them. Dentures can wear down just like teeth can. And considering that dentures are usually a sizable investment, you probably don't want to have to replace your dentures. Also, your mouth and body need to adjust to having dentures, so it's important that you care for yourself too.

6 August 2015

Important Reasons to Visit a Dental Clinic Immediately

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Do you currently have a dental problem? Are you trying to decide whether to visit an emergency dental clinic or wait for an appointment with your usual dentist? Here are some reasons to visit the dentist as soon as possible. Dislodged tooth You may be under the impression that a tooth will be gone forever if it gets knocked out of its socket. However, this is simply not true. The sooner you can visit the dentist, the greater chance you have of saving the tooth.

13 July 2015

4 Maintenance Tips For Complete Dentures

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Do you have complete dentures that you want to take good care of, but are not sure how to do so? By ensuring that you look after your complete dentures their lifetime will be increased, which will decrease maintenance related costs. With that thought in mind. Here are 4 top tips to keep in mind for taking care of your complete dentures: 1. Don't Use Household Products You should not clean dentures with common household products such as toothpastes, because they will be too abrasive.

17 June 2015

3 Ways A Family Dentist Can Help Your Children

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Going to the dentist on a regular basis is crucial to everyone's health. Unfortunately, many children are naturally afraid of going to the dentist and having their teeth cleaned because they are afraid of fillings. A family dentist will help your children realize that going to the dentist is one of the only things preventing them from actually getting cavities in the first place. The family dentist will also show them that these procedures are not something to be scared of so they are enthusiastic to come in and get their teeth fixed.

29 May 2015

7 Treatment Options For Sensitive Teeth

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There are few things as bad as having sensitive teeth. From the constant pain to not being able to enjoy your foods, you are likely to have a lot of stress and stay unhappy if your teeth are sensitive. It is paramount to know all of your options for treating sensitive teeth. Below are seven typical treatment options.   1. Have a Routine Professional Cleaning Gum disease is a leading cause of sensitive teeth.

5 May 2015

Sleep Apnea And Gum Disease: What's The Connection, And What Can You Do About It?

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Do you awake in the morning feeling irritable and moody, rather than refreshed? Has your partner told you that you snore at night? These are symptoms of sleep apnea, a sleep disorder in which a person has difficulty breathing or, in some cases, stops breathing altogether for a while. If you think you have sleep apnea, you should certainly talk to your doctor about diagnosis and treatment. However, there's also another medical professional you'll want to visit: your dentist.

6 April 2015

Food In Cavities: The Health Risks & What A Dentist Can Do About It

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Are you tired of having to pick food out of cavities each time that you eat? Food in cavities does not only cause bad breath, but it can lead to serious oral health problems. Learn about the dangers you are putting your health in by having cavities, as well as what a dentist can do to treat the problem. What are the Health Risks Associated with Cavities? The biggest health risk associated with cavities is exposure of the pulp chamber.

12 March 2015

A Real Mouthful: Understanding And Treating Oculodentodigital Dysplasia

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From a broken tooth to a misaligned bite, many issues can affect the health and appearance of your teeth. While most are easy to correct, some of these issues may be heredity and impossible to prevent. With an estimated 1000 cases diagnosed worldwide, oculodentodigital dysplasia is an extremely rare condition that affects the teeth, eyes, and fingers. Not only is it a mouthful to say, but oculodentodigital dysplasia is difficult to diagnose and treat.

19 February 2015