Can Your Denturist Treat Your Sleep Apnea?

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If your partner, kids or other loved ones complain about your snoring, you are not alone. It is currently estimated that up to 50% of people snore. Unfortunately, severe or chronic snoring is also indicative of a bigger problem and you may need a dental prosthesis to address the problem. If you snore frequently or loudly, it is crucial to speak with your physician to determine the underlying issue.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea occurs when you spontaneously quit breathing. The average time of not breathing while sleeping is between ten and thirty seconds. Due to the fact that a collapse of the upper airway while sleeping causes sleep apnea, treating that collapse as soon as possible is necessary. People with severe sleep apnea are 46% more likely to suffer a premature death.

Sleep apnea can cause any of the following conditions:   

  • Hypertension
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart failure
  • Cerebrovascular disease
  • Irregular heart beat
  • Depression
  • Ischemic heart disease    

It is also important to note that a tired driver is a distracted driver, which means that people with sleep apnea are more likely to be in motor vehicle accidents. Now that you understand more about sleep apnea, it is time to understand what your denturist can do about it.

What Will Your Prosthesis Do?

Your new prosthesis will be non-invasive and extremely lightweight. As a result, that means it is much easier to use than a bulky breathing system (known as CPAP) that is also prescribed for sleep apnea. When it is fitted and worn appropriately, it will not cause you to gag, and its diminutive size allows it to be very discreet.

It will first be necessary to remember that since you are treating sleep apnea, the device will only be helpful if you use it while you are sleeping. Wearing it during the day will not help in any way. It resembles an oral retainer or the mouth guard that is worn by some athletes.   

After you get your new prosthesis, you will need to return to the denturist for oral exams and to have the unit adjusted, if necessary. Unless the sleep apnea is cured through surgery, weight loss or other measures, you will probably need to use the prosthesis for the rest of your life.   

In conclusion, a denturist can help you and your loved one sleep better by minimizing your snoring. In addition, since snoring is often a symptom of sleep apnea, which can be deadly, the prosthetic your denturist gives you could save your life.    

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9 September 2015

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