Why It Is So Important To Use The Right Toothbrush

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The most common mistake people make with brushing their teeth is using the wrong brush. Simply doing it several times a day does not necessarily mean that you're doing it in the best possible way to support oral health. 

Indeed, many use an unsuitable toothbrush and this is one of the most frequent errors that dentists and orthodontists find. If you are to avoid all the problems that accompany bad oral health, you should consider these tips when you go shopping for a toothbrush. 

1. Check the Size of the Head

A key consideration when searching for or choosing the right type of toothbrush is the head – or rather its size. Some people mistakenly think that a larger head is better because it covers more surface, but this isn't necessarily true. Rather, if the head of a toothbrush is too big, it can be difficult to navigate around the inside of the mouth. This means that those spaces between the teeth that are hard to reach can suffer from a build-up of bacteria. The fact is that the size of your toothbrush should be compatible with your mouth size and fit comfortably.

2. The Strength of the Bristles

Bristle strength is another issue that concerns people. Some people think that stronger bristles are better for breaking away any debris that has built up on their teeth or they may think that bristles that are soft will be gentler for the teeth. The reality is that it may be best to consult a dentist or an orthodontist for advice on which type of bristles are most suitable for you. Each individual's teeth and gums have different needs and an orthodontist can recommend the best type of brush for you.  

3. How Well Can You Grip the Handle?

Consider your toothbrush's handle and its grip. This applies particularly to children since they are likely to need a handle that they can grip comfortably. It is very important for parents to be especially diligent about teaching healthy oral habits to their children. Ensuring they have a comfortable toothbrush is a good starting point.


You may soon find yourself needing braces if you don't look after your teeth from an early age. In order to avoid going down this road and to keep away from other dental problems, ensure that you buy the right toothbrush. But, if you are in any doubt or just want to be sure your oral health is as good as it should be, seek advice from a orthodontics office, such as Able Dental.  


16 December 2014

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