Common Mistakes That Can Lead To Denture Damage

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While even a high quality set of dentures isn't mean to last a lifetime without needing repair, there are some steps that you can take to prolong the life of your dentures and save money on repairs down the road. This includes cleaning and storing them properly in addition to seeing your dentist regularly. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes you could be making when caring for your dentures that could lead to premature (and expensive) damage. 

Using a Hard-Bristle Denture Brush

First of all, understand that your dentures need to be brushed every day--just like your natural teeth do. However, you shouldn't be using the same brush on your natural teeth as you do on your dentures. Your dentures need their own, dedicated brush. This brush should have soft bristles, as hard-bristle brushes can damage metal and/or plastic parts in the dentures themselves. To cut down on abrasion from brushing, always wet your denture brush before you start cleaning and brush in small, gentle, circular motions.

Storing Dentures in Hot Water

When you got your dentures, your dentist probably warned you that they need to be kept moist at all times. Otherwise, they could dry out and become more prone to breakage and other damage. However, be careful about where you store your dentures; they should be kept in room-temperature water. Unfortunately, some people store their dentures in hot water, thinking that the heat will help kill off any bacteria. In reality, storing your dentures in hot water can cause them to warp, which could lead to problems down the road, such as them not fitting properly in your mouth.

Cleaning Dentures Over an Empty Sink

Finally, if you regularly brush your dentures over your bathroom sink, you could be putting them at risk of damage. It's easy to accidentally drop your dentures while you're brushing them, and a fall into a hard porcelain or fiberglass sink can cause chipping or breakage. You can avoid making this mistake by simply filling your sink up with water while you're brushing your dentures; this way, if you drop them, they'll most likely fall into the water rather than directly onto the hard surface of the sink.

Taking proper care of your dentures will not only save you money on denture repair down the road, but will improve your oral health as well. Be sure to keep these mistakes in mind and avoid making them for yourself. Talk to a professional like Waterloo Denture Clinic for more information.


9 January 2015

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