3 Steps To Getting Dentures

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If you are going to get dentures, you might be nervous as to how the process will go. It can be a big undertaking to get them, and even though it's a positive process, it's still a big one. Knowing what to expect can make everything easier for you. 


Depending on whether you are getting a full or partial denture and how many of your own teeth you have left, you may have to have some extractions done in order to get your dentures. If you only need to have one or two done, your dentist may do them right in their office. However, if you need to have several teeth pulled, your dentist may suggest that you go see an oral surgeon to have the extractions done. The reason for this is that the oral surgeon can give you more sedation and may completely knock you out, which will make the process easier for you. 


Your dentist will also make molds of your mouth. The reason for this is that they need to have a physical representation of the geography of your mouth. That will make sure that the dentures fit your mouth the way that they should and that they are comfortable to wear. Your dentist may actually make more than one mold. One mold may be of your mouth before any extractions are done, while another may be after any extractions are done. The shape of your mouth will change when you go from having your teeth to having no teeth, especially once your gums have healed. Having a mold taken with your teeth will let your dentist see how your teeth fit in your mouth. 


After you have had all the extractions and molds done, it will be time to get your dentures fitted. Your dentist will help you put the dentures in correctly, and then test to see how they fit. The dentures shouldn't need any adhesive to fit. If they need to have any adjustments done, this would be the time for your dentist to do it. That may include adding in a lining that will help your dentures fit the way that they should. 

Dentures can make you feel better about yourself and can help you eat better. If you are going to get dentures, knowing the process can make everything easier for you because you know what to expect to happen. 

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29 September 2020

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