Root Canals Can Be Performed for Children

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Although the procedure may not be as common in children as in adults, root canals can and are performed on pediatric patients. However, while adults often worry about what comes along with the procedure when they have it performed, parents may be significantly more worried about the health and safety of their children, given their young age. While every patient is different, learn about some of the reasons why dentists choose this procedure.

Alleviates Symptoms

A root canal is not usually the first suggestion for treatment when a child comes in with a tooth issue. Generally, the dentist will explore other options. For this reason, by the time a root canal is being discussed as a treatment method — the child has been experiencing unpleasant symptoms, including intense pain, for some time.

A root canal is a helpful solution because it can alleviate the pain and discomfort that your child is experiencing due to severe tooth damage, which is critical. In addition to less pain afterward, the dental office can also speak with you about sedation options to ensure complete comfort. 

Addresses Developmental Concerns

Generally, a root canal is performed to prevent the child from losing their tooth. While children lose teeth all the time, when a tooth is lost due to decay or trauma, the timing of the loss might not be on target.

If a child loses a baby tooth too early, it may be some time before their primary replacement grows. Depending on the child's age, if you consider the important role that teeth play in speech development, the loss of a tooth could introduce developmental concerns. A root canal can help ensure your child doesn't have lasting damage, such as a speech impediment. 

Provides a Long-Term Solution

A root canal is a procedure that is intended to last for the lifetime of the tooth. For this reason, even if the root canal is performed on a younger child, the parents of the child can expect that the root canal will last until the child's primary tooth comes in or if the child is older, forever.

Given its long-term durability, it makes an excellent treatment option as you do not have to worry about taking your child back and forth for the same issue to be addressed. 

If your child's dentist has determined that a root canal is appropriate, rest assured that they believe this procedure is the best treatment option for your child. Be sure to ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable. 


23 June 2021

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